Chorus honors Stravinsky - Austin fondly remembers visit in 1965

Austin American-Statesman, 9/21/1991

Much influenced by Igor Stravinsky, Lothar Klein became an authority on Stravinsky's music. His doctoral thesis “Stravinsky and Twelve Tone Composition” was well received by Stravinsky himself, and the two maintained a correspondence. In appreciation of Lothar's work, Stravinsky sent him a manuscript of his “A Sermon, A Narrative and a Prayer” with the inscription, “To Lothar Klein in exchange for his brilliant analytical essays.” 

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In 1965, Lothar organized a Stravinsky Symposium at the University of Texas in Austin, and at Lothar's request, Stravinsky agreed to attend. This event was one of only two such invitations that Stravinsky accepted. David Oppenheim produced a documentary for CBS News on the event.

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