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Univ. of Texas receives Moog system 1967

In 1965, Robert Moog visited the Music Department at the University of Texas to demonstrate his early modular synthesizer system.  Dr. Moog presented Lothar with a hand-typed proposal and Lothar successfully persuaded the music department to acquire a system. 


As a system was eventually purchased in 1967, it was one of the earliest systems ever sold.  The very first modular Moog system, however, was reportedly sold to "Lothar and the Hand People", this was purely coincidental!

The last page of the Moog proposal is worth a look (see link below).


Austin American Statesman, Jan. 5, 1968

Electronic Studio Aids UT Musicians 

May 1965

R.A. Moog proposal to Univ. of Texas 

Being a huge admirer of Witold Lutoslawski's work, Lothar Klein went to interview him in Warsaw in 1969.

However, the interview was recorded on "pancake" tape reels that were not playable on North American machines. So in 2011 while archiving Lothar's extensive tape library,  I hand-wound the tapes onto 1/4" reels in order to play them for the first time.


While a very condensed version of the interview appeared in Fugue Magazine in 1979, this is the actual one hour interview that can now be heard in its entirety.

Lothar regarded Lutoslawski as one of the greatest 20th century composers.  The two maintained a friendship until Lutoslawski's death in 1994.  

(Note, the file can be saved as an MP3)

Note: Complete listing of Lothar Klein works may be downloaded here; 
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